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Gift Cards

How soon can I use my gift card?
Can I print my gift card?
My gift card has been lost or stolen!

When you redeem a Gift Card to your account, the funds will be stored in Your Account and automatically apply to your next eligible order. The original expiration date, if any, applies to any unused funds.

When you choose the Print at Home option for your Gift Card, you'll receive a PDF gift card specific to your order that you can access from the Order Summary in Your Account.

You can print your gift card as many times as needed until the code is redeemed to an account, but the code can only be redeemed once. When the gift card has been redeemed to an account, the Print gift card(s) button will no longer be available in the Order Summary.

If your Gift Card is an Gift Card that was delivered electronically, you can resend the Gift Card from the Your Orders page. If you accidentally lost a physical Gift Card, or if you need assistance resending an electronic Gift Card, please contact us.

  • Order number (if possible)
  • Purchaser'spurchaser's name and recipient's name
  • Physical or e-mail address to which the gift card was sent